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Risk & Finance Infrastructure Solutions for a new world


New Paradigm Consulting was established in June 2013 with the aim of helping Financial Services companies navigate the most challenging times since the great depression.  Post the financial crisis the heightened regulatory scrutiny coupled with unpredicatable market conditions are driving the need for better quality management information in support functions at banks, in particular Risk, Finance and Operations.  Many banks have historically underinvested in this infrastructure for 20 years or more and are having to re-build this infrastructure in a dramatically short time frame while facing significant pressure on costs due to a challenging revenue generating environment.  New Paradigm Consulting can assist with meeting this challenge!

Infrastructure Assessment


We can assist with assessment of current state of your infrastructure against best-practice.  In particular bechmarking against the key principles outlined in BCBS239 Risk Aggregation, Reporting and Infrastructure with which the banks are required to be compliant by 2016

Architecture & Design


Historically systems have been built as a mechanism to automate processes.  This tends to create a fragmented systems environment which does not cater for the complex interactions of data across processes or business silo's.  We can assist in developing an architecture based upon modern IT principles that can bring the flexibility and adptability required of a system in todays ever changing world.

Roadmap & Planning


Possibly the most difficult task facing banks today is finding an approach to move from current infrastructure to an end-state target architecture.  In a resource constrained world, with intense regulatory scrutiny and new requirements being raised every day, developing an appropriate portfolio of projects over a long time horison can be a daunting prospect.  We can help you define a roadmap of projects which address specific business issues requiring attention today, while at the same time move the business towards a strategic end-state.



Actions speak louder than words.  Through my partnerships with other firms I am able to assit with execution whether that be vendor products or building bespoke solutions to meet specific business problems or progressing towards a larger target architecture.

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